Elective subjects Spring

Budapest, Januar 15, 2019.


The Department of Physiology and Biochemistry offers the following elective subjects in the second semester, 2018/2019:

Elective subjects


Physiological Basis of Cardiology

Dr. László V. Frenyo (E-learning course)

Physiology of learning

Dr. István Tóth

Animal Paleophysiology

Dr. Dávid Sándor Kiss

The basics of communication

Gergely Jócsák

Learning techniques and strategies in medical school

Levente Somogyi

Molecular tumorbiologie

Dr. Gábor Mátis


Dr. Gábor Mátis


All of the subjects please apply through Neptun.

The information and the material of elective subject Physiological Basis of Cardiology can download from our homepage: The test will be at the end of April. It is a self-study course, but we can offer you a consultation time when it is necessary. Please apply also in our homepage in your login area, and in Neptun.



Dr. Tibor Bartha

Department Head