Final exam

The physiology course ends with a final exam. In order to sit for the final exam students have to fulfill the requirements. Students who might sit for the final exam must provide their black books right before the exam.

The regulations, for writing the final exam, are the same as for that of the mid-term tests. Not complying with one or more of the rules will result in dismissal of the student from the exam and his or her result will be "elégtelen (1)".

Signing up for the exam

Only students who pass the requirements might sit for the final exam.

Students can sign up for the final exam at the end of the semester, after the makeup tests. Signing up is possible from the student login area. Signing up for the exam is only possible until noon on the last work day prior to the exam.

Students may postpone their exam once in an examination period. Postponing is possible form the student login area. The exam may only be postponed until noon on the last work day prior to the exam.

If the student does not appear on the exam, one of his/her opportunities is lost!

Students who fail on the final exam are allowed to repeat it. The final exam can be taken 3-times in the exam period that follows the curricular time of physiology and twice within other exam periods. Opportunities missed are lost, i.e. they cannot be transferred to a later exam period! Repeating a failed exam is possible after a minimum of three days

The structure of the exam

The entrance test

In the first part students have to write an entrance test that will be corrected before the written exam. Students have 15 minutes to write the test. The entrance test consists of 15 questions: 10 questions check the knowledge of the standard data, and 5 further questions check the knowledge of the practical courses. Students have to give a minimum of 8 correct answers (over 50%) to pass the entrance test of the final exam.

Please note that

  • the entrance test uses the same questions as the practical course (standard data & short questions from lab 1- 10). 
  • at least 8 points (50%+) should be collected on the entrance test to pass.
  • In case of an unsuccessful exam the student will not qualify for a Final Exam.
  • a successful entrance text will not have to be written again.

Student is exempted from the entrance test, if:

  • the student was in the top 10% of students in the semester prior to the final exam
  • the Student Essay was rated accordingly
  • the student was obliged to do the labs neither in the first nor in the second semester of Physiology prior to the exam
  • the student wrote a successful entrance test on a previous exam

The extended entrance test

Students who have to take an extended entrance test before the final exam will receive 15 extra test questions from the "not accepted" semester.  In case of an unsuccessful exam the extended entrance test will have to be written again.

Please note that:

  • all of the questions are simple multiple choice questions.
  • at least 8 points (50%+) should be collected on the extended test to pass.
  • in case of an unsuccessful exam the student will not qualify for a Final Exam.
  • the extended test should be written before every Final Exam.

The written exam

The written exam consists of three parts and should be completed within 100 minutes.

  • First, students should fill out a simple-choice test. Maximum 35 points can be collected with the test.
  • In the second part, students analyze a figure, from a specific chapter. Students will have to interpret the figures by filling out the indicated missing parts or by answering specific questions. Maximum 15 points can be collected with the figure.
  • In the third part, students should write two essays (unrelated to the chapter covered by the figure). One topic comes from the first semester and the other one comes from the second one. The topic will be selected from the "Topic list for final exam in Physiology". Required subtopics will be listed, if necessary. Maximum 50 points can be collected by the essay questions, 25 points each.

Students can collect maximum 100 points. For passing the exam, a student has to reach at more than 33 % on the simple choice test, more 25 % on the figure and the essays, and should collect more than 50 points total.

Please click here to download a PDF document designed to help students to reach more ponts at the tests.

Evalution of the final exam


Suggested time period

Maximal points

Unconditional failing if *


35 min

35 points

<= 33%


15 min

15 points

<= 25%

Essay 1

25 min

25 points

<= 25%

Essay 2

25 min

25 points

<= 25%


100 min

100 points

<= 50 points



Final grade

When deciding the final grade of physiolog, 3 components are taken into consideration

Attendance on the lectures* 15%
Mindterm results 25%
Final exam result* 60%
Total 100%

* Due to the Covid sitauation, the department has decided that the lecture attendance will not be considered in the final grade of the students from the autumn semester of the 2020/21 academic year.  The final grade will be calculated from the midterm results (25%) and the final exam result (75%)

The attendance on the lectures is constantly monitored from the academic year 2018/19. Grades of students who finished the lectures earlier or students exempted from the midterms is going to based on the final exam only.



0-50 %

1 (elégtelen)

51-60 %

2 (elégséges)

61-70 %

3 (közepes)

71-80 %

4 (jó)

81-100 %

5 (jeles)

Unconditional fail means, that if a student reach less than the minimum value in any parts of the exam, the exam will be evaluated as fail, or "1", even if it's more than 50% alltogether.